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A Texas man is under arrest after gunning down a SWAT team member as the officer quietly tried to climb in through the apartment’s window during predawn hours.

Police State USAreports  that a resident fatally shot Detective Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie as the officer climbed in through a ground level window as part of a “no knock” raid. The officers were there due to suspicion that residents were in possession of controlled substances.

Upon hearing a noise, resident Marvin Louis Guy, 50, opened fire on the unidentified officers, shooting three others as well, although only one fatally.

Guy is currently being held on capital murder charges in connection with Dinwiddie’s death, even though it’s unclear how Guy was supposed to know that the men crawling in through the window were police officers since they hadn’t identified themselves.

The evidence sheet lists a laptop, a safe, a pistol, and a glass pipe, but no drugs were found. Given the evidence, why did police deem it necessary to seek a “no knock” warrant and why did a judge sign off on it?

Very little is known about Mr. Guy, but Dinwiddie left behind two children, all because his SWAT team went creeping into a home where the residents didn’t even have any drugs. Is that the best use of law enforcement tax dollars?

Guy’s bond has been set at $3 million dollars.


Thank you lieutenantnorals!

"cop breaks and enters with state approval, gets his ass shot"

brah………………. BRUV……………………..

this happened in Texas where it is perfectly legal to shoot and kill someone who is breaking into your home

Literally everybody knows that in Texas you can open fire on someone who comes onto your property without permission. What in the hell did they expect??

Where the NRA at? In the largest pro-gun state of Texass, those second amendment rights only apply if you’re white.


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I have no respect for parents who kick their kids out of the house. I don’t give a shit if it’s your house they’re also your children if you’ve forgotten 

This should stop at 18 however.
At 18, you are a fully legal adult and should be ready to live on your own.
Obviously, mental illness and such are exceptions, but if you’re able bodied and minded, you should move out at 18 if you feasibly can.

Sure, let me go out into the world with my no credit, no car, no license, no job, and alllllll my school dept from early college entry. That always works when I want to go out into the world to pay taxes and bills for terrible housing.

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I’ve never been more emotional about any social media post in my entire life

UPDATE: guys Beth Broderick tweeted yesterday that this Salem is THE SAME SALEM!!! He’s 20 years old man!!!! 20!

That Salem is still kicking is all I care about.

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<3 <3 <3


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I have no respect for parents who kick their kids out of the house. I don’t give a shit if it’s your house they’re also your children if you’ve forgotten 

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A wonderous fuck-ton of human hand references.

[From various sources]


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I love fighting games. I also really enjoy SNK’s designs for their characters. They look human, despite being really close to anime tropes. EX Kyo from KoF XIII has possibly the best finish move. Just covering the entire screen with fire from one punch. So it had to happen. Kyo cosplays.

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Bunny hero drawn for -Rai- for a redesign of his character. Big paws and all.

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Color sketch drawn for Pzowned of corgiconor being hugged and squeezed.

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"What? Dog pound? No, this is my house! I adopted these girls from the pound. Go get your own!"

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"Listen, I said flattery wont get you anywhere, but being rude is not any better."

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"And flattery won’t get you anywhere."

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