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how can you not like bowser, like, really. bowser is great


how can you not like bowser, like, really. bowser is great

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Some people would consider Valley of Defilement 2 not a very good level. Those people are wrong.

Valley of Defilement 2’s level design is such that the big poison swamp is the main challenge. There are enemies, but even though they aren’t impeded by the swamp they are sluggish, melee-range and…

Lets take a moment to remember that The Shrine of Amala is such a hard area to transverse, even with a good build. I literally use spells and arrows for long distance kills because meleeing on approach is impossible. You -will- get hit. And most of the time it’s by something you didn’t see. It’s kinda garbage.

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Hi, if you made Jon tron's intro, can you make his intro again but with me and sonic in go animate (see my channel for looks) with his intro and intro music (aka make Jon tron's intro but with me and sonic in go animate form)?
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And Done

Deleted a whole bunch of posts.

And I won’t be talking about FNaF or JonTrom ever again.

There you go Anon.

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Weight gain Renamon commission for Theripizer

this isn’t normally my thing buuuuuut… butt

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there is a sudden surge of jontron complaints and cutesy pootsy Five Nights at Freddys crap from you lately... its sad
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I know right it’s like i dont have a life outside my computer.

What a loser i am.

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It’s been done, but what the heck.

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who the fuck is shulk

i thought they added She-hulk and they were calling her shulk for short


Do people really not know one of the best RPG’s to have come out in a long ass while? Where status effects and placement MATTER? That it’s a real time battle system that Xenoblade Chronicles X is going to be using?

Like really, that game is the reason to own a Wii.

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"Maze of Life -Special Mix-"

Persona Q: Sound of the Labyrinth


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A sequence of an eevee transforming into an magical amazon sylveon girl.

Drawn for Mysteryman01

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I lost three followers today.

I must be doing something right.

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So all your characters don't exist in the same world then?
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Sorry if it caused confusion.

I guess it can be looked at like this;

- Ami, Mackenzie, Aniece’s world (The main focus - Set in a stylistically timeless world with two sides, One full of humans and the other full of Demons with Sirens in between.)


- Waffle’s Kingdom (Set in a dark age medieval world where there is hunger and plague and shit where the Candy Witch take advantage of the situation)


- Killer Tiger’s World (Set in a modern age metropolis with quite “colourful” gang wars)


- Cyborg Future (Set in a futuristic utopia where cybernetic technology is allowing humans to transcend into cyborgs)


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holy shit

look at this

I don’t even know where to begin.